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Window Canvas White Tiger Rear Window Graphic
Window Canvas White Tiger Rear Window Graphic
Window Canvas White Tiger Rear Window Graphic

White Tiger Rear Window Decal

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This White Tiger rear window decal is a powerful image showcasing the beauty and might of the white tiger. If you love big wild cats, and particularly tigers, this graphic will be a “must have” for the rear window of your vehicle. This white tiger stands out against a black background with fans of green foliage flanking it on either side. It’s a haunting scene for anyone who can imagine coming face-to-face with this wild cat. The intensity and power of this graphic will command the attention of anyone who sees it in your travels. Capture the fierce beauty of the white tiger and share it with the world by placing it on your vehicle’s rear window.

Graphic is printed to order and available in 3 sizes.

Order with or without lamination... Lamination is a clear-coat that extends the life of the graphic and provides better visibility in the rain & snow.

HELPFUL LINKS:RETURN POLICY: Standard Return Policy applies to UN-laminated decals. Laminated graphics are NOT returnable.

SHIPS IN: Approximately 3 Business Days. Laminated Graphics Ship In 10 Business Days.

All Window Canvas rear window decals are warranted against defects in manufacturing for the lifetime of the product. Window Canvas warranties against fading for 3 years. Warranties are for product only and limited to the value of the replacement product. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any damage, expense, or consequential damage arising out of use or the inability to use the product.