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The Story of Custom Vinyl Graphics

Dale Arnold - owner of Custom Vinyl Graphics

Dale and their son proudly wearing their CVG shirts

How It All Started

Custom Vinyl Graphics started as a hobby for the stock racecar driver in 2002, when Leanne, a marketing professional, designed a website so Dale could fulfill a newfound passion for the vinyl graphics business. He grew the business slowly by designing numbers and sponsor logos for friends at the track. 

Since Superstorm Sandy, Custom Vinyl Graphics has come back stronger than ever. The company has become one of the largest, most well-known vinyl graphics superstores on the Internet as the couple continues to invest in their website, digital printers, laminators and other equipment. 

Leanne and Dale pride themselves on offering an easy and concise way to find your special graphic – or create one – and a secure server to place credit card orders. You may also purchase gift certificates, and find easy-to-follow instructions so you can easily apply your graphics. 

Today, no longer just a designer of racecar packages, Custom Vinyl Graphics offers rear-window graphics, vinyl pinstriping, vinyl graphics, banners, vehicle magnets, wall decals and the ever-popular custom rear-window graphics. Behind the website, the Arnolds put their customers first. They offer 24/7 email support, 1-Plus year warranties on all products, and a lowest-price guarantee, making CustomVinylGraphics.com your best source for an exceptional vinyl graphic design.

The Business Tomorrow 

A true family business, even the Arnolds’ children contribute their time and effort to Custom Vinyl Graphics. Leanne and Dale wouldn’t be surprised if one of them wanted to take it over in the future.“

It’s part of our lives. Both children have been around the business since their birth.” Dale says with a smile.In fact, the youngest Arnold’s are the reason their parents didn’t throw in the towel in the storm’s aftermath. 

“This business is the reason I am able to stay home with our children…And when that’s the reason you’re in business, every customer is appreciated and valued.” Leanne says.Dale couldn’t agree more. They are a winning team, after all.

Stronger Than a Superstorm

After darkness fell on October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall. That night, Dale and Leanne Arnold, owners of Custom Vinyl Graphics, faced the total destruction of their flourishing business. 

Despite the couple’s efforts the day before to take precautionary measures by lifting machinery and moving all equipment and inventory high above the ground, the storm moved through their neighborhood in a fury, leaving water rising to unexpected levels. 

Nothing could prepare Dale for what he would witness. While he remained at home to ensure that the generator would keep the sump pump going, he was otherwise helpless. Unable to lift the 400-pound machines up a flight of stairs himself, he literally stood by, watching the business the Arnolds built bobbing in the water. 

Within hours, five feet of water wiped out $34,000 worth of equipment and inventory. There was nothing left of Custom Vinyl Graphics but a flooded shop and later, hundreds of cancelled orders. 

The town was powerless for an entire month. The electric company would literally not power up until every homewas inspected. With no electric and no heat, Dale worked tirelessly to rebuild the business. 

“We were effectively out of business for two months,” Leanne recalls. I was uncertain about what we should or could do, but my husband never thought twice. He made phone calls to locate new equipment, borrowed a van and drove hundreds of miles to pick up the new machines.” 

Then, approximately two months after Superstorm Sandy struck, the Arnolds were back in business, with a completely refurbished shop stocked with all the latest equipment and the inventory necessary to return to normalcy. 

Dale had single-handedly put the 10-year-old business back together. 

“He did everything but pour the new concrete floor,” Leanne says.

Custom Vinyl Graphics destroyed by Hurricane Sandy

Photo of Destruction from Superstorm Sandy