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How to Apply Rear Window Decals


Truck window decals MUST BE APPLIED DRY!

Using any type of solution will affect the ability to see out and will void the warranty.


- Soap and water 

- Soft, clean, lint-free cotton cloth 

- New, sharp razor 

- Masking tape 

- Felt-wrapped squeegee


Clean the window using soapy water, then thoroughly rinse. Be sure the window is free from soap residue.

Warning: Do not use any chemical-based window cleaners, as this may damage the adhesive.


Before removing backing material, unroll the graphic and position on the window. Use masking tape along the top edge to temporarily hold the graphic in its desired position. If applying to a split window, cut the graphic where the windows divide.


Once you select the desired placement, carefully remove the backing material. While peeling away the backing material, gently smooth the film against the window, using a felt-wrapped squeegee. If air bubbles form, lift the material gently, and reapply while smoothing the area with the bubbles. 

• If your window curves from left to right, start from the middle and work your way to each side. If your window is curved from top to bottom, then start from the middle and work your way up and then down.

• Trim it. Carefully trim your decal with a razor blade to remove excess material around the perimeter of the window trim. 

"You've done it! Now enjoy your ride!" 


 If your decal or pinstriping has gone over doors or panels, we recommend using the exacto knife to cut it, and then wrapping the remaining sections over the panel. To cut or trim a stripe or graphic, use a very sharp knife and very little pressure to avoid damaging the paint. 

If you see any air bubbles, puncture them with a pin. Do not slit the vinyl to release air, or it will spread or gap. 

"You've done it! Now enjoy your ride!"