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ClearVue Graphics Strike Eagle Rear Window Graphic
ClearVue Graphics Strike Eagle Rear Window Graphic
ClearVue Graphics Strike Eagle Rear Window Graphic

Strike Eagle Rear Window Decal

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This Strike Eagle rear window decal is a striking graphic that will appeal to anyone who has a passion for military aircraft. In particular, it is a beautiful tribute to the F-15E Strike Eagle, which was designed in the 1980s for high speed, long-range interdiction. Since that time, pilots have flown and continue this jet into combat situations. It’s primary role in recent times has been to provide close air support, combat air patrols and deep strikes on high-value targets. Therefore this graphic is a real tribute to all of those pilots who have flown into danger to support our forces on the ground in the name of freedom.

Graphic is printed to order and available in 3 sizes.

Order with or without lamination... Lamination is a clear-coat that extends the life of the graphic and provides better visibility in the rain & snow.

HELPFUL LINKS:RETURN POLICY: Standard Return Policy applies to UN-laminated decals. Laminated graphics are NOT returnable.

SHIPS IN: Approximately 3 Business Days. Laminated Graphics Ship In 10 Business Days.

All ClearVue Graphics rear window decals are warranted against defects in manufacturing for the lifetime of the product. ClearVue warranties against fading for 3 years. Warranties are for product only and limited to the value of the replacement product. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any damage, expense, or consequential damage arising out of use or the inability to use the product.

Customer Reviews

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so unbelieveably clear glad I had the lamination it just looks awesome thanks for such a great product

This is the second time I have purchased Wolves for my ute.

I purchased wolves 4 years ago, due to fading it was time to redo the window & now have two wolves on my ute & I an very impressed with the result


Bought this Wolf Eyes Graphic for my husband's birthday - He loved it! Not to mention that it is totally AWESOME on his F150, which is a Sage color with Gold Metalic Fleck. It has attracted a large amount of attention - he's even caught people just walking back & forth behind his truck looking at it. They say "those eyes just keep following me where ever I move to" He's already enjoyed the attention to say the least.

cool graphic

Love it!

It's perfect!

I purchased this for my grandson who aspires to attend the Air Force Academy. He's been interested in planes and flying forever--when he was learning to read and write in first grade, the first story he wrote was "The plane goes up. The plane flys. The plane comes down." This window graphic is part of my support for his ambitions, and he is very proud of it--his truck, not so much--it is becoming more apparent that the truck is a lemon. So, I may have to purchase another graphic if he changes vehicles.