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Bass Fish Rear Window Graphic - Custom Vinyl Graphics
Vantage Point-Bass Fish Rear Window Graphic-Custom Vinyl Graphics

Bass Fish Rear Window Graphic

The Bass Fish Rear Window Graphic is something that will truly stand out on the roadway. You may be in your truck, but your thoughts are out at sea! The color of the fish against the light backdrop of the ocean is something that will make this decal pop out on any roadway. Those who love to fish will appreciate this graphic. Admirers of the ocean will also like a decal that will express their interests and appreciation for sea life. This is one brightly colored decal that will stand out on the road and will grab the attention of other drivers on the road. Those who love to fishing should not be seen without this graphic!

HELPFUL LINKS:RETURN POLICY: Standard Return Policy applies.

SHIPS IN: Approximately 3 Business Days. Laminated Graphics Ship In 10 Business Days.

VantagePoint rear window graphics have a three year warranty against fading.

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