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Using The "Hinged Method" To Apply Decals

How to apply vinyl decals

Figure 1

Use masking tape on the corners to position the decal.  

How to apply custom vinyl decals

Figure 2

Apply masking tape through the center of the graphic.  

How to apply vinyl graphics

Figure 3

Remove the masking tape from the corners of one end. 

Lift that half of the graphic up and remove the backing paper. 

 Cut the liner with scissors, and discard it.

How to apply vinyl decals

Figure 4

   Holding the decal away from the wall, use the squeegee to press the vinyl to the wall, working from the masking tape toward the edge. Remove all other masking tape. Repeat on the other side.

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looks great

lots of compliments, looks great, really love the privacy.

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Great product

This of a high quality. I figured it would be a cheap squeegee. It in fact was not it is very sturdy which makes it usual even over and over if your doing multiple decals.

Great response on correcting an issue

I ordered the wrong color and I contacted them immediately and they changed my order with no issues. Great customer service

south jetty columbia river, pacific ocean

easy to install (30 min), looks perfect, great quality

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Good product. Great service.

Received decal within a few days. Image is crisp and clear.