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Why do we care so much for our professional sports teams?

by Leanne Arnold on March 28, 2018  in Category_Wall Decals

Why do we love sports?Why do we care so much for our professional sports teams? Is it because of the passion we have for our team, our the need to belong to a tribe? I’ve been thinking about that after seeing how disappointed so many New England Patriot fans were after their team’s recent Superbowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Pats fans around the country were walking with their heads down for days after that heartbreaking loss.

As you can see sports, fans are fanatical about their teams. We buy team shirts, hats, vinyl car decals, jerseys and lunch bags. We buy vinyl decals for ourselves and wall decals for our children’s room. Many people know at least one person who has a sports window decal. Many fans take it to an even further extreme!

The Alabama crimson tide, for example, offers their fans a chance to buy crimson tide wall decals, crimson tide vehicle wraps and even birdbaths featuring the team logo. Folks even fly team flags from their cars and houses to show their loyalty, as well as, place sports rear window graphics on the back of their car.

To many people on the outside, sports are just seen as a business. The teams make money from selling merchandise, but to the average superfan, it's much more than that. What separates sports from other industries is the emotional connection you have with your team. When you watch your favorite team play you are glued to your seat. You feel the emotions as the players do and you feel so attached to the game that it feels like you're on the field with your favorite team!

These heart-pounding moments are what makes fans want to buy vinyl car decals for their vehicles or decorate their man cave with New York jets decals. Fans do a lot of things that seem extreme (such as buying dog coats with our team's logo on them). But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

Your pride as a fan and your connection to something more than yourself drives you to be the best fan you can be for your team. This connection often creates lifelong relationships that are passed down to children and grandchildren. This passion for your team should be showcased by showing your team pride with jersey’s, wall decals, trophies and other memorabilia. If you have a sports team that you are passionate about, show your pride with custom wall decals!