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Business decals are a highly effective form of advertisement

by Leanne Arnold on March 23, 2018  in Category_Vehicle GraphicsCategory_Vinyl Lettering
Why Business Decals?

Have you ever saw someone with a business decal and thought to yourself why would someone do that? Whether you realize it or not business decals are a highly effective form of advertisement that many small businesses use to grow their brand inexpensively. It has gotten to the point that such advertising tools are a must if you are planning to have your own home-office or local business.

Branding your vehicle is a very cost-efficient way to advertise your business to a large group of people very quickly. Its effectiveness is very similar to that of a billboard, as long as people are looking at your car you have created a lead generation machine that has the potential to keep bringing you new business.

As long as you maintain the decal, your car has the potential to keep generating new business for you. Using Vinyl Lettering is one way of getting someone's attention fast. If the customer can see your business name and phone number for a hundred yards away, you are doing something right.

If you are just trying to look more professional, the vinyl decals on the windows will work just fine. Many times businesses use this option when they are trying to separate themselves from the competition without having a huge advertisement on their vehicle. When it comes to creating the layout for a custom business decal it is best to have a professional do it. Just pick an image you like and hand the image over to the decal company to have it created for you. They usually take pictures of your truck or car, to ensure they printed the correct size. Within 5 days they will typically have your decal ready. You can either choose to install it yourself or to have a professional install it for you.

If you are wondering what decals you should use for your business, let your budget guide you. Vinyl Graphics come in all sizes and since the price is based on the square footage, you can always reduce the cost by reducing the size.

Another way to keep the cost down with Vinyl Graphics is to choose to die cut lettering and logos over digitally printed decals. If price isn’t a concern, we recommend custom vehicle wraps! Vehicle wraps can cover every inch of your car or truck and the design options are endless. They are a great way to get someone's attention and to promote your business.

Regardless of how you decide to brand your truck or van, I highly encourage you to do so. It only takes a small amount of effort up front and it’s a great addition to your marketing strategy. Regardless of which decal you choose, using business decals to promote your business is a low cost, great way to generate leads and brand awareness to your business.

As long as you bought one from a quality dealer you have something can help your business for the next 8 years! If you are interested in getting a decal for your business or home check out our selection here!