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Boat Lettering

by Leanne Arnold on March 25, 2019  in Category_Blog ArticlesCategory_Vinyl Lettering

There's nothing quite like making the most of a warm spring day by hitching your boat to your truck, driving it down to the water and soaking up the beauty of the ocean or lake you're floating on. If you're reading this article, chances are you vinyl boat letteringalready know how great boating is. What you're probably debating on now is whether or not your vessel could use a face-lift before it makes its grand debut this season.



In our opinion, tricking out your watercraft to make it better resemble your sensibilities is one of the best parts of owning a boat. Below, we outline a few different customization jobs that you can accomplish with the help of custom vinyl decals.

1. Customize Your Registration Identification

When your boat is on the water, it needs to showcase its identification number. If it doesn't, you could be stopped by water authorities and they may end up towing your boat back to shore after issuing you a fine. Given that you're stuck with your registration number on the side of your watercraft, you may as well give it a little flair. We've seen a number of boating enthusiasts use custom vinyl graphics to trick out their registration numbers with custom fonts that breathe new life into the tired, traditional practice of using basic white characters. If you have additional questions about registration identification best practices, you can reference your state's boating authority's regulations online. For example, here is California's literature on this topic.

2. Give Your Vessel a Name

"Sea Señor." "High C's." "Vitamin Sea." Those are all examples of great boat names. If you haven't named your boat yet, you're missing out on one of the greatest joys of watercraft ownership! You can go with names that revolve around sea puns (like the examples above) or, if you're not one for puns, you're welcome to pick a name that speaks to something or someone that's important in your life. Once you've landed on a name, pick up custom vinyl decals to proudly display it across your vessel's body and you'll be ready to hit the water.

3. Add Some General Character to Your Boat

Customizing your boat doesn't need to have a specific purpose like dressing up a registration number or giving your boat a name. Customizing can be all about fun if that's what you're looking for. Custom vinyl decals are only limited by your imagination. Throw flames on your boat, bubbles, a dragon or anything else you can think up. Too many people undersell boating as a means of expression. Take the time to make your boat an extension of you and you'll find that you'll have more fun than ever showing off your vessel on the water!

Use Custom Vinyl Decals to Up Your Boat's Character

We hope that our suggestions above have gotten the wheels turning your head as to how you can make the most of your boat when warm weather rolls in. To execute everything we've mentioned above and more, let our team at Custom Vinyl Graphics give you an assist! We offer a number of pre-fabricated and custom vinyl decals, pinstriping tape and more that will help you achieve any look you have in mind for your boat. Find a decal that suits your tastes, create your own, or contact our team if you need help with something special!