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Understanding Boat Pinstriping & Pinstripe Tape | Custom Vinyl Graphics

by Leanne Arnold on May 21, 2018  in Category_Blog ArticlesCategory_Vinyl Pinstriping
Understanding Boat Pinstriping & Pinstripe Tape | Custom Vinyl Graphics

Understanding Boat Pinstriping & Pinstripe Tape

Wondering if boat pinstriping is right for you, or if you should use custom pinstripe tape on your car? You’re in the right place! In this blog post, Custom Vinyl Graphics will take a look at pinstripe tape and how it can be used for boat pinstriping – and so much more! We’ll also discuss some of the business benefits of using pinstriping on your boat, or on your car. Let’s get started.

What Is Pinstriping Tape?

Pinstriping tape is exactly what it sounds like – high quality, adhesive-backed vinyl tape that can be used to create pinstripes! Traditionally, it is often used on boats, but it can be used on almost any surface, including cars, trucks, and even construction equipment! Not all pinstriping tape is the same, though. Some companies use cheap, cut-to-size vinyl with frayed edges, dull colors, and poor adhesion – which can lead to sub-par results. But at Custom Vinyl Graphics, our pinstriping tape is machine-crafted, with a marine-grade adhesive that will last 7-10 years, and made from the highest quality vinyl. If you choose our pinstriping tape, you’re sure to turn heads on the water!

Boat Pinstriping – Eye Catching Designs That Are Sure To Turn Heads

Boat pinstriping allows you to truly customize your boat, without the expensive process of repainting. Marine paint is extremely specialized, so painting gelcoat can be very difficult to do on your own – and incredibly costly if you hire a professional. But with our variety of pinstriping products, you can quickly create eye-catching designs and customize your boat. It’s easy – if you’ve ever put a screen protector on your phone, you’ve already got the skills you need to try a DIY pinstriping project for your boat!

How Can Pinstriping Help Market And Promote My Business?

Pinstriping is a natural eye-catcher, and can help your boat get more attention. This is especially valuable if you run a business from your boat – such as a fishing charter, a whale watching company, or a parasailing company. You could use bold red pinstriping on your boat to get more people looking, and also use vinyl decals to print the name and phone number of your business! That way, every time you go out on the water, you’re essentially getting free advertising.

Shop Pinstriping Now – And Get Started!

Looking to get started with a pinstriping project of your own? You won’t want to miss out on the high quality products offered by Custom Vinyl Graphics. Shop now, or, feel free to contact our team if you have any other questions about our pinstriping products, or want to commission a large custom project!