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The One Sign Our Shop Refuses to Make

by Leanne Arnold on July 09, 2021  in Category_Blog ArticlesCategory_Vinyl Lettering

We’ve made signs for community benefits.

lemonade stand

We’ve made signs for storefronts.

We make lawn signs, yard sale signs, golf sponsor signs, entrance signs and exit signs.

We’ll even make Porta Potty signs!

But what’s the one sign we won’t make?

We won't make a lemonade sign.


Because it goes against everything a lemonade sale stands for.

A lemonade sign needs to be made by kids.  It needs their creativity, their stick figures and their spelling errors.

Sure a professionally made lemonade sign may get your attention while driving…but would you stop and buy?

Lemonade signs need to be drawn in chalk on blacktop, scribbled on cardboard boxes or even penciled on flimsy cardstock paper that blows in the wind so you can’t even read them.

That’s the fun of a lemonade sale.  And it’s about so much more.

A lemonade stand is for kids to learn about entrepreneurship, work ethic, using their manners, planning, and teamwork.  It’s about sitting out in the hot sun waiting for that first car to stop and be their first sale.  They’re about running into the house because you can’t believe you actually need a refill. It’s about dreaming up all the money you and your best friend will make… and imaging all the things you’ll buy.  It’s hopefully about donating to a local charity or opening a first bank account. 

Lemonade stands are for finding out how many math skills kids forgot while trying to give back change. They’re about generous neighbors who tip too much making the kids jump up and down in awe. 

Lemonade stands are so much more than stands that sell lemonade.

So when it comes to lemonade stands, our company will gladly help… we’ll help make the lemonade, we’ll spot you the first few dollars for change, heck, we’ll even promote you on our Facebook page! 

But please…

Please don’t ask us to make a lemonade sign. :-)