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Rear window graphics replace body tattoos!

by Leanne Arnold on September 01, 2012  in Category_Custom Rear Window GraphicsCategory_Rear Window Graphics

If you’re interested in body tattoos or piercings, you may also be interested in modifying your car to reflect your own personal style as well. There is no way to do this better than with a custom rear window decal or custom vinyl.

Putting these window graphics on your car is essentially the same as tattooing it and by customizing your truck or SUV you can certainly turn heads while you're out driving around. Doing these custom rear window graphics is extremely affordable.

While a tattoo may cost hundreds of dollars these custom window graphics can be purchased and applied for just over $100. You can perform a serious truck or SUV modification to advertise your business, display your style, or even decorate your vehicle with pictures that you enjoy.

Back window graphics are quite easy to create, painless to apply and easy to remove as well. With a body tattoo you run the risk that the graphic may not turn out the exact same way that you wanted. You really trust in the artist, when getting a custom rear window graphic the match is 100% the same.

The process for creating these custom rear window decals has each customer send in their payment online, upload their photo and then have the truck window graphic mailed directly to their home address. Each and every order is also created with the help of a professional designer.

Rather than having you design your own window decal, and experience designer will make sure that you can get your design just right and that the window decal will be what you envisioned. Ensuring that you have the right resolution as well as the right types of graphics, and working with the designer will help you to create the most attractive custom rear window decal possible for your vehicle.

Installing the window graphic is extremely easy and works much the same as a large sticker would. It’s also easy to remove from your car if you decide to change your truck or if you would like to try another back window graphics. Each and every back window graphic is also backed by a guarantee.

With a tattoo, many tattoo artists will charge you for touch-ups. However, a back window graphic design goes through a series of emailed proofs so that if it is not done right the first time you can e-mail back any changes that you would like done and receive another proof absolutely free.

Drive using one of these back window graphics is also not dangerous in any way possible. The outside will display the colors vividly but on the inside you will be able to see through your window just as easily as you could without the graphic on. They’re completely safe to use with rear defrosters, wipers and in car washes and only come off when you want them to.

If you’re interested in customizing your vehicle with images that you enjoy, or want to advertise your business, do not hesitate to order a custom rear window graphic to have a truly unique truck or SUV.We also new categories for decals for trucks that you can check out!