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Promote Your Fundraiser Or Event With Our Vinyl Banners|Promote Your Fundraiser Or Event With Our Vinyl Banners

by Leanne Arnold on August 28, 2018  in Category_Blog ArticlesCategory_Vinyl Banners

No matter what cause your fundraiser supports or what event your business is hosting, the key to meeting your financial goals and ensuring a good turnout is effective promotion. Think about it – no one can contribute to your fundraiser or attend your event if they don’t know about it.

A multi-strategy approach to fundraising and event hosting includes measuring the scope and reach of your marketing methods. In fact, it’s vital to promoting your fundraiser or event and determining which methods work best. From choosing the right theme to encouraging and rewarding word of mouth, promotion methods are plentiful. One of the most tried and true ways to ensure awareness of your fundraiser or business event is promotional banners.

Promote Your Fundraiser Or Event With Our Vinyl BannersAt Custom Vinyl Graphics, we help you promote your fundraiser or event with our easy-to-customize, highly visible vinyl banners. Our professional banner service includes printing top quality, full color banners of any size. The banners we produce include optional grommets and fully hemmed seams. Our attention grabbing banners help increase awareness of your event in four important ways.


• publicize your purchase or donation URL

• publicize incentives that boost participation

• leverage the power of visual designs

• increase recognition and use of your promotional hashtag

Our custom banners and signs help your target market identify, locate, and register for your event. They also help supporters and contributors give to, and easily share, your fundraising efforts.

Our goal is twofold – to help you maximize exposure for your business and to become your one-stop online shop for the best vinyl banners around. No job is too big or small, no minimum quantity is required, and no corners are ever cut. We put our best foot forward, so you can put your best foot forward. We ship fast and pay attention to every detail of the design and creation of your banners. We also stand behind our work and guarantee the quality of our banners.

Make your vinyl banner a custom work of art by providing your own fonts or choosing one from the hundreds of fonts in our database. Our professional design team spearheads your project from start to finish. That means you don’t have to struggle alone to create a finished product with polish and panache. Suitable for interior or exterior use, our banners are strong, durable, and individually customized. Like a small billboard, they grab attention and generate interest in your business.

Vinyl banners are a smart, cost-effective way to draw all eyes to you. Add a purchase, registration, or event URL to your banner and it instantly becomes a 24-hour-a-day salesman. PRO TIP: Even though its large size makes it ideal for sharing lots of important information, don’t overfill your banner to the point that it becomes difficult to read.

The vinyl banners we produce at Custom Vinyl Graphics are waterproof, easy to hang, and easy to store when not in use. Available options include grommets and single or double-sided printing. Whatever your banner needs are, we’re here to help you maximize your fundraising dollars, optimize your event attendance, and increase awareness of your brand.