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Vinyl Pinstriping; the best way to enhance your car or boat!

by Leanne Arnold on February 18, 2011  in Category_Vinyl Pinstriping

People love to customize their cars and boats. It gives their vehicle a personality if its own, while making it more flashy and more trendy at the same time. One of the best ways to customize your car or boat is using Vinyl Pinstriping.

Not only does it make your car or boat stand out, it also lends an aesthetic appeal to it, making it more decorative. It can highlight the straight lines, the curves and the smart contours of your vehicle like nothing else can. Years ago, the only option was painted pinstripes. That has become a thing of the past since it was much more time consuming and way more expensive. The cheaper and easier way is to apply Vinyl Pinstriping.

Vinyl Pinstriping is a simple peel and stick process. There can be various designs, various colors and various combinations available. Usually, you can opt for a particular color and width or even use several stripes in a combination of colors. Each has its own charm as they add character and often personality to the vehicle.

Here are the most common Vinyl Pinstriping options:

One Color Vinyl Pinstriping

One color vinyl pinstriping let's you choose a particular color that you like. Choose the width of the stripe and you can even get various stripes in the same color. To add more personality, choose stripes of different widths to run along the side of your car or boat.

Two Color Vinyl Pinstriping

If you aren’t the type to use just one color, explore the two color vinyl pinstriping option. These can be colors you like, contrasting or matching. Choose the widths, the number of stripes and the direction for pattern for your own unique style.

Tri Color Vinyl Pinstriping

For those more experimental, choose the three color vinyl pinstriping of your choice. This can be quite attractive, often making the car standout on the road.

Multi Color Vinyl Pinstriping

If you love colors, now lend your car or boat the same character. Make it colorful with various colors, various stripes and various widths. You can get really creative here with multi-color vinyl pinstriping.

Specialty Vinyl Pinstriping

Specialty vinyl pinstriping are for those who need something extra to stand out. These specially designed stripes are unique and more detailed. These definitely are worth it if you want your car to reflect your unique personality.

Car Specific Pinstripes

These are more designed keeping in mind the shape, contours and design of your cars. They are specific to each kind of car and can be used along the side, on the hood or even on the roof. Car Specific vinyl pinstriping is customized according to the car you have. A wise idea for those who are looking for extra aesthetic appeal that they are sure will gel with their car.

There is no better way to customize your car or boat and give it personality that opting for Vinyl Pinstriping.

From tiny logos, flames, barbed wire to automaker crescents; you can choose whatever your heart desires and proudly display it on your car or boat. Buy Vinyl Pinstriping from CustomVinylGraphics.com where they have a huge selection and a Lowest Price Guarantee.