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Rear Window Decals - See Through To What Your Truck's Been Missing

by Leanne Arnold on February 24, 2011  in Category_Custom Rear Window GraphicsCategory_Rear Window Graphics

People go through a lot of trouble to give their trucks a more personalized look. While some may choose to get vinyl stripes on their car, others want something more subtle and choose customized accessories for the insides.

However, if you are looking for a bold look that makes a style statement about your truck and you, choose Rear Window Decals... full color printed murals that cover the entire rear window. People love these decals when they see them on the rear windows of trucks.

When we asked people why they don't have a rear window decal, we received one of three (incorrect) responses:

1) they thought that a rear window decal would obstruct their view,

2) they thought it would be very difficult to install, and

3) they thought they were expensive to buy.

None of these statements are true! Here are the facts about Rear Window Decals: You CAN SEE OUT of the rear window!

Rear window decals are made of vinyl that is 50% vinyl. The other 50% consists of tiny holes (or perforations), which can hardly be seen from the outside. From the outside, you see a beautiful digitally-printed photo or logo. However, there is nothing but black on the inside, so your eyes see through the holes to the outside! These Rear Window Decals are totally safe to apply as they allow you to see perfectly outside while at the same time, curious eyes outside your car may not be able to peek in to see what’s in the back of your truck!

Rear window decals are easy to install!

Rear window decals are very easy to install yourself. Simply clean the window thoroughly, and have a friend give you a hand. You peel and stick. Then use a squeegee to press it on to the window. Finally, just use an exacto knife to trim around the molding. That's it!

Rear window decals are an inexpensive truck customization!

Rear window decals are a great way to give your car personality... and they start at only $74. The styles are endless.... choose from a wildlife inspired image, an NBA team, a Harley Davidson graphic and almost anything in between!

And for those who want to use their own image or logo, CustomVinylGraphics.com can make a custom rear window decal for less than $140. So if you are thinking about buying a rear window decal, check out CustomVinylGraphics.com to see the huge selection of rear window decals that we offer... all by the top manufacturers including Window Canvas, ClearVue Graphics and Vantage Point. What's more, we offer a Lowest Price Guaranteed or we'll beat it!