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Why Mud Runners love this new rear window graphic

by Leanne Arnold on August 15, 2013  in Category_Rear Window Graphics

Every truck needs a good rear window graphic and what could be better than our Off to Another Mud Run rear window graphic.

This fun graphic is perfect for you if you love mud runs and want to promote the sport you have grown to love. Mud runs are becoming more and more popular and are great fun for anyone no matter what age… and so is this graphic.

 Mud Run decal for truck

The decal shows the words “off to another mud run!” It gives the look of something hand-written in a window that appears to be covered in mud. The graphics are so good on this decal that people will think your rear window is actually covered in mud! If you’ve done a mud run, you know how dirty you get… why not make your truck look the same? This decal will be the talk of the parking lot!

This rear window graphic is not only great for a truck that you take to mud runs, but it would also look great on a jeep or any other off-road vehicle that has a rear window to put it on. A graphic like this is for someone that is free spirited and likes to have a good time especially when they are ramrodding their way through giant mud puddles out in the backcountry.

The best part about this graphic is that although it looks like muds covers your entire window, you can actually see through it just fine! The muddy graphic only looks like that to people that are looking at it from outside. From the inside you can easily see out of your rear window because it is printed on perforated vinyl.

Getting a rear window graphic can really make a statement about your personality and interests. There are decals that are for those that want to show their patriotism, or those that want to make others smile and to feel good, and then there are those graphics that just let people know that you like to have a good time. This is one of those graphics!

This Mud Run truck window decal lets other people know that you’re not afraid to get a little dirty and that you like to have a good time doing it! Check out other new decals for trucks that have been added!