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How To Pinstripe

by Leanne Arnold on January 18, 2019  in Category_Blog ArticlesCategory_How To...Category_Vinyl Pinstriping
how to pinstripe
There are almost 270 million cars on the road in the United States today. That's almost one car per person living in the country. Given the sheer volume of cars that are flooding communities, it's easy for your vehicle to fade into the background since odds are that thousands of people own your exact same make and model. If you want to give your car the pop of personality it deserves, one of the best and most low-cost ways to achieve that end is with pinstripe tape! To pinstripe your vehicle efficiently, consider these three how to pinstripe tips below which can help you achieve the perfect look!


1. Check Your Car's Surface

Given that your presumably vinyl pinstripes are going to be applied to your car's surface, it's important that you make sure your surface is primed prior to starting your how to pinstripe process. Optimally, your car's surface should be below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If it's much hotter than that, the adhesive in your pinstripe tape isn't likely to stick. Also, you'll want to make sure that the area you're looking to pinstripe on your vehicle is free from dust and debris. Small dirt particles can cause bumps in your pinstripes that may be noticeable.


2. Apply Your Pinstripes

Once your surface is primed, it's time to start applying your pinstripes and upgrading your vehicle's image! The pinstripe application process is the most nerve-wracking how to apply pinstripes step but with some patience, you'll do fine. Figure out how long of an area your first piece of pinstripe tape will need to cover. Grab the appropriate amount of tape and start placing its adhesive area where you'd like it to sit. Be sure that you don't overstretch your tape during its application process or you may end up with areas that will "pop" and won't stick. Once your tape is in place, go over it with your hands and press it down firmly to ensure that it won't shift.


3. Finishing The Job

Now that your pinstripes are in place, it's time to throw some finishing touches on them to make your how to pinstripe job shine! If your tape is longer than the surface area you'd like it to cover on your vehicle you can take a tool like an "artist's edge" and carefully remove the excess pinstripe being sure to not carve into your car. Furthermore, if you notice any air bubbles on your pinstripes, take a credit card and carefully work the bubbles out towards the pinstripe's edge.


Wrapping Up How to Pinstripe: 3 Ways to Use Pinstriping Tape Effectively on Your Vehicle

If you're intimidated by the how to pinstripe process, don't be. Pinstripe tape is extremely easy to work with and by following our tips above, you'll do great! To get started on your next pinstripe project, you're going to have to pick up a quality tape first. Our team can help you with that. At Custom Vinyl Graphics, we offer high-quality pinstripe tape, decals and more - all at unbeatable prices! Browse our inventory and start customizing your vehicle today!