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Honor A Fallen Soldier With A Rear Window Graphic

by Leanne Arnold on September 10, 2012  in Category_Custom Rear Window GraphicsCategory_Rear Window Graphics

Many people have contacted us to design rear window graphics of family or friends who have passed away. Like a tattoo, they feel that using a rear window graphic is the perfect way to honor someone special to their heart.

Like a tattoo, a rear window graphic honors a fallen soldier.  Do you know a fallen soldier that paid the ultimate price for our country? In respect of those who have lost their lives to war, we offer our design services free of charge.

This offer is a token of our thanks to the fallen soldier for his/her role in keeping our nation safe. The design is completely up to you... most put a photo of their loved one with a backdrop of the American Flag. The soldier's name, data of birth and departure can be displayed along with any other text or photos you may want to add.

Express your pride and gratitude of your fallen soldier and remind the world that freedom has been upheld by a soldier's life. Your car or truck will ground those who may be annoyed at the traffic or some other trivial issue in their life. In this fast-paced world, people often forget what the military puts on the line for us each day.

The subtle reminder on your truck's rear window is a great way to keep these thoughts in the forefront of everyone's mind.

This is not a sales pitch to sell more rear window graphics. In fact, it is our hope that we never sell another... and that all of our troops return home safely. God bless our troops.