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The Top 3 Ways to Rep Your Home Team

by Leanne Arnold on October 31, 2013  in Category_Custom Rear Window GraphicsCategory_Vehicle Graphics

There are few things in this world that people are as openly passionate about as their sports teams. Fans watch every game, enduring cold weather or terrible losses. They celebrate long hours when their teams win. Fights between fans over their teams are not uncommon. Of course, when you feel that passionately about something, you have to find a way to share it. If you’re looking to support your home team loud and proud, here are some great ways to demonstrate your home team love, whether that’s in your clothes or through your window graphics.

The Passion and Pride of Sports Fans

While some people are just becoming a fan of their home team, others have grown up cheering for their home team since before they could even understand the game. Many sports fans can name where they were when they watched significant moments of their team’s history: when their team won the Superbowl, when their team dominated March Madness, or when they swept the World Series. However, no matter when they started being a fan, sports fans are behind their teams 100%. Fans love their teams and hate their rivals as passionately as if they were on the fields themselves. Any true sports team fan has some way of showing their pride to the world.

1. The Clothes on Your Back

One of the most common ways to show your support for a sports team is to wear the team’s jersey. Usually you choose the number of your favorite player to wear on your jersey. Wearing a jersey makes you a part of the team, a part of the family that is completely loyal to the sports team. And of course, allowing someone to wear your jersey means that you’re inviting them to become part of this passionate fan base. Celebrities and musicians often recognize the pride fans have in their home team by wearing the jersey of the home sports team while they perform. By doing so, they become accepted into a community that is united by their love of their team.

2. Car and Truck Décor

For those times when it’s inappropriate to be wearing a team jersey, you can still support your team by decking out your car with a see through rear window graphic. Your vehicle already says a lot about you; shouldn’t it also show your home team pride? True sport fans display their pride by displaying sports flags, graphics, and decals all over their vehicle. Anywhere they go, they scream their support to all the other drivers on the roads, leaving no doubts about where their loyalties lie. Sporting your team’s logo is not only about demonstrating your pride, it connects fans to each other. Wherever a fan goes, when the meet a fellow fan, they’re sure to receive a thumbs-up or friendly honk as recognition of their shared passion.

3. Tattoos

For truly die-hard fans, they demonstrate their pride everywhere they go by having it etched into their skin. Whether it is the team’s logo or their favorite player’s number, true fans have it tattooed onto their arms, backs, chest, or even stomachs. These tattoos can vary anywhere in size, anything from a subtle marking to a full blown picture. Of course, this method of supporting your team shouldn’t be done by just any fan. You have to be truly committed to supporting your team through the wins and the losses, the thick and the thin. Still, anywhere you go, you’ll be recognized by fellow fans and be welcomed into a community that will commend your pride and share it with you.