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Get the Hard Facts on How Vehicle Wrap Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

by Leanne Arnold on November 23, 2013  in Category_Vehicle Graphics

You’re sitting in a traffic jam during your hour long commute to work, and you’re getting bored. Instead of staring at the red brake lights in front of you, you glance around and examine the other cars. There is a van next to with an advertisement for a carpet cleaner business, a FedEx truck making deliveries, and an insurance company vehicle in the lanes near you.

What you don’t realize is that you have just been advertised to by one of the most cost-effective and far-reaching methods of mobile media available. Every business knows that they cannot succeed without good advertising of their product. Businesses advertise in a variety of ways, radio spots, TV commercials, flyers, and billboards.

vehicle wrap indian trail, ncHowever, what companies may not realize is that one of the most effective methods of adverting is using custom vinyl wraps on their company vehicles to advertise their product.

Vehicle wrap marketing is easy to use: business like CustomVinylGraphics.com can apply professional vinyl wraps that look like a custom paint job at a fraction of the cost of one. After the application, you can continue about your daily business while your vehicles do your advertising for you. Don’t believe it’s that easy? Take a look at these numbers to see how effective custom wraps and mobile media are.

Making an Impression

A good advertisement isn’t just one that displays your business well: it’s one that sticks in the mind of the viewer. The more memorable, the more likely those viewers will turn into customers. According to research done by Cox Media and Eagle Research, viewers consider mobile media to be the most unique form of advertisement. Rated at 6.8, mobile media beat out TV and radio advertisements, which were rated at 6.3 and 5.4 respectively. With its unique quality, mobile media also performed well in terms of how memorable it is. While TV ranked the highest, mobile media was the next highest with a strong rating of 6.1. Clearly people not only seeing mobile media, they are also remembering it.


Cost per Impression

When businesses are judging the success of their advertisement, one of the main factors they use is CPM, cost per impression. This number compares the amount of money that the business spends on their advertisements to the number of people that advertisement reaches. As businesses are always balancing their advertising with their profit, this number is a great indicator of the value of an advertisement. With a cost per impression rate of $0.15 per impression, mobile media has the best value by far.

TV advertisements can range anywhere from $11.51 to $20.54 per impression, costing 137% more for minimal increase in effectiveness. That cost per impression is so low because of the inexpensiveness of applying vehicle wraps. After the start-up cost of applying vehicle wrap graphics to your fleet, there is virtually no additional costs to this form of advertising. And that start up cost is relatively low as well. Professional companies can help design and apply beautiful vehicle advertising wraps at less than half the cost of a professional paint job.

Reaching a Wider Market

With long commutes to work, errands, and picking up the kids from their activities, consumers are spending more and more time in their cars. In fact, 98% of Americans travel in a vehicle on a weekly basis, and the average American spends around 15 hours in their cars a week. With mobile media, businesses can turn that travel time into potential advertising time where their market can’t turn the channel or change the radio station. With people of all ages, demographics, and economic levels on the road every day, businesses using mobile media can reach almost 85% of all income and age levels. With mobile media vehicles reaching such a large market and creating over 30,000-70,000 impressions daily, it’s no wonder that business using mobile media boost their name recommendation by 15 times more than those using other forms of advertising.


The Hard Facts

After viewing the numbers and the research on mobile media, it is impossible to argue with the effectiveness of this form of advertising. In fact, business can’t afford to ignore this form of advertising. Unlike other, more expensive forms of advertising, vehicle wrap advertising is perfect for any size company, large or small. No matter what kind of vehicles you use for your work, places like CustomVinylGraphics.com can help you design and apply graphics that will help boost your sales. With such a low cost for great effectiveness, it’s time for your business to check out vehicle graphic advertising today.