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by on May 25, 2011  in Category_Vinyl Pinstriping
This article explains everything you need to know about car pinstriping... Car Placement Pinstriping can be used to follow the body line of the car emphasizing the curves that the manufacturer designed, or it can also be used to add an angle or draw attention to some part of the car that you specifically like. Though it is most often applied below the window and above the door handles, pinstriping can be applied to the lower body as well. Color The color you choose for your car pinstriping is a personal preference. Some people like subtle look and would apply a silver pinstriping to a charcoal car. Others want the pinstriping to stand out and would apply a bright red pinstriping on a white car to really make it stand out. Finish Car pinstriping is also available in a few different finish options to give you more chances to customize your car. Options include opaque, metallic, ultra metallic, blackout, reflective, and more. Dimension The width of the car pinstriping you choose is also a choice that is individual to you. For instance, if you want something that will be understated and faint, you might choose a thin 1/4" vinyl pinstriping. However, if you wanted a bold look that demands attention, a 4" vinyl stripe will give you the impact you are looking for. Types Adding to th array of options out there, car pinstriping is also available in single color, two color, tri color and multi color options. And it doesn't stop there. With the development of new and improved vinyl printing capabilities, there are also specialty car pinstripes that look like barbed wire, chains, flames and much more. Easy to Install Many car owners assume that pinstriping should be installed at the dealer and are often taken back by the steep prices they charge. But installation at the dealer is not necessary. Simply using a vinyl application solution and squeegee (which costs less than $15), you can easily do it yourself and no one will no the difference! Quality There are of course, different quality pinstriping available. It is always best to use a name brand that has been around for years and that offers a warranty. The best pinstriping will have a 7+ year warranty and are often labeled "marine grade." You want a marine grade pinstriping because this pinstriping is able to withstand the worst of the elements including UV rays and salt water. The most recommended brand is Universal Products. Where to Buy For the largest selection of car pinstriping, you'll want to search online. CustomVinylGraphics.com offers hundreds of styles, colors and finishes and among others, sells the Universal Products brand car pinstriping. With a Low Price Guarantee, you'll see why we are such a popular site for car pinstriping! If you happen to own a Ford Mustang, here is a guide on how to personalize your Mustang with pinstriping tape.