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3 Positive Solutions to Stop Your Child from Ruining Your Walls

by Leanne Arnold on November 09, 2013  in Category_Wall Decals

Children can provide so much joy in life—their cute smiles, their silly questions, their sweet faces as they sleep. But children can also be mischievous or misguided, and sometimes their behavior doesn’t make them quite as cute. One child behavior that can drive parents crazy is when they do their beautiful artwork all over the walls. If your child has been drawing on the walls, you’ve probably been doing a lot of work cleaning up after them.

Before you get frustrated and take away all of their coloring supplies, there are few solutions that can have your children drawing on paper instead of your walls. While there are many solutions to try, if you’re looking to direct your children’s artwork to appropriate places while also salvaging your previously ruined walls, you can check out wall graphics from Custom Vinyl Graphics to help restore your walls to their former glory.

Why the Walls?

Before you can get your child to stop drawing on your walls, you have to understand why they would do it. When you give them perfectly good paper, why would they turn and color on your perfectly painted walls? Well, for most children under the age of five, they are at a stage developmentally that makes coloring an object below their hand more difficult; instead, they would rather be writing on something straight out from their hand.

Sitting at a table and coloring a sheet of paper is much more difficult for their fine motor skills then standing and coloring on the wall. Even lying on the floor is an easier position then sitting at the table. Understanding this developmental stage can help you find solutions that will be most effective for your child.


1. Monitoring Play Time

Most parents know that it’s the times that they aren’t watching their children that they begin writing on the walls. To prevent your children from having the opportunity to draw on the walls when you’re not looking, store all the coloring supplies in a secure location that is out of reach for your kids. Then you can pull out these supplies when you have the time to monitor their coloring behaviors.

This is especially important when your child is just beginning to color and needs direction about appropriate locations to color. As you teach your child where to color, you can begin to trust them a bit more. However, children are children and they will make mistakes, so it’s best to stick to only washable colors, like washable markers, watercolor paints, or chalk to make it easier to clean up when they do make a mistake.


2. Build an Easel

Since kids do enjoy writing on upright surfaces, it’s a great idea to provide them with an easel for painting and coloring. Not only will the easel make it easier for your children to write, but it will also create a designated area that makes it clear where coloring is allowed. If your child is painting, plastic tablecloths will protect your floors from any spilled paint, and they can also add to the effect of a special location for coloring.


3. Designate Spaces for Creativity

Children are inquisitive creatures who want to explore the spaces surrounding them. Instead of trying to limit them to a piece of paper, find spaces that it’s alright for them to draw on. You can bring your children outside and let them use chalk to draw on the driveway. Go outside during the winter and let them paint the snow; it’ll simply melt away later. Instead of restricting their curiosity, encourage it.

Children are incredibly artistic. By rejuvenating your blank white walls with custom wall graphics, your child will learn to respect her walls – instilling the values to care for her own property and the property of others. Check out Custom Vinyl Graphics to find images your child would love. In a short time, your child will be contently coloring where they’re supposed to, and you can go back to enjoying the little joys in your life.