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Designing Custom Truck Window Decals - Graphic Artist vs DIY Interface

So you decided to advertise your company by purchasing a custom decal for your truck window. 

Congratulations! Whether your vehicle is driving or parked, there is no other form of advertising that will get you more viewers in your local market for less money. 

But where do you find a company that prints window decals for trucks?

A simple Google search for “rear window decals” can turn up quite a few results.  The main difference?

Whether YOU design it, or a PROFESSIONAL designs it.

Some websites try to “wow” their customers by offering an online design interface to upload their business card and add custom text & images to create the design themselves. 

Sounds great right? 

Nope.  The problem is this…Ninety percent of the time, you aren’t a graphic artist!

You wouldn’t expect your mechanic to hand you the tools to fix your own car, right?  So why are you expected to design your own decal?

Rather than simply telling you a graphic artist will improve your design, we’d rather show you an example.

CASE STUDY: Rick’s Custom Rods

Let’s take a look at a truck window decal design that was uploaded for printing by Rick’s Custom Rods.  All he wanted added to the design was his phone number and website.

truck window decals

(Now, if you see Rick’s work, you know that he makes amazing custom fishing rods – the colors and detail are unmatched.  But… that doesn’t mean that he knows how to successfully design a decal for his truck. And Rick will admit that.)

The first thing I notice is that his design is squarer than a typical rectangular rear window.  That means, unless we stretched the image, there would be empty space on either side of his logo and he wouldn’t be optimizing the advertising area.

A truck window decal should NOT be a replica of your business card.


Because a business card is something you take with you to have and to hold until death do you part.  There is no need to remember any of the information on it because you have it on the card.

Like billboards on the side of a road, with a rear window decal you only have a few seconds to capture your customer’s attention.  You want the viewer to understand what you are offering before they’ve even read any of the info on it.

How do you do that?

If a customer is in the market for a product or service, their brains are literally drawn to information about that product or service. 

(Don’t believe me? Think about red cards today.  I bet you see them everywhere!)

So getting back to our example…

Our professional graphic artist looked at his project differently. 

The most important info is what Rick is selling…

Custom Built Fishing Rods!

How do you think you could capture the attention of someone who is in the market for a custom fishing rod?

Show them a lake!

Do you want them to remember the name of your company, or your contact information?

Your contact information!

So how did we improve Rick’s design?  Like this:

window decals for trucks

The photo of the lake will capture the attention of boaters, fishers and water lovers.  The heading will explain what you are selling. 

BAM.  And that is why it is MUCH better to have a professional graphic artist design your decal, rather than wasting time using a website’s glitchy interface.

And at CustomVinylGraphics.com, you get all that wisdom and creativity with UNLIMITED design revisions… for only $35!