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Want to transform the look of your home, but aren't ready to commit to a major paint change?

by Leanne Arnold on November 17, 2019  in Category_Blog ArticlesCategory_Wall Decals
customized wall decals Green flower wall decal

Especially if you rent your space, it can be costly (and even prohibited) to make a huge transformation. Still, you shouldn't have to stare at blank, empty walls forever!

This is where high-resolution, customized wall decals can make a major difference.

In minutes, you can turn any room into a personalized, one-of-a-kind design that showcases the people, places or ideas that are the most important to you and your family.

Today, we're sharing a quick guide on how to decorate with these decals to help your personal style shine. Read on for inspiration and ideas!

Give a Subtle Motif to a Child's Room

You don't have to cover an entire wall with your custom decal. Instead, why not use one to add a delicate, understated touch to a room? These can help tie the entire decor together without overwhelming it.

For this reason, these make great additions to your children's rooms. It's no secret that their tastes and passions will morph as they grow and you need an easy design that can change alongside them. Rather than investing in hand-painting her entire room bubblegum pink or sketching that intricate firetruck mural he's begging for, personalized wall stickers make a great alternative.

For instance, you can incorporate a floral design in your daughter's bedroom or a custom truck design in your son's. These can be applied as borders all the way around the room, as a special touch in a certain corner, or centered on the wall.

Either way, they take minutes to apply and come down just as quickly. This means they can grow as your children do. When she outgrows smiling daisies, you can upgrade to a more mature pattern of roses and violets. Or, you can swap the floral theme altogether for sophisticated stripes or chevron.

At the same time, your aspiring farmer might adore a custom decal of grandpa's tractor above his bed when he's younger. Over the years, you can swap it out for a rocketship, lab beaker, music note or anything else he adores at the time.

The same goes for your playroom or nursery! While they might not love the same popular television or movie characters forever, imagine their delight when you adorn those walls with their favorite prince and princesses! In addition to custom creations, we also provide access to a range of royalty-free stock photos that you're free to use in your designs, which can help enhance their room.

Add a Special Touch to Shared Spaces

Wooden signs displaying quirky, funny or heartwarming messages are dominating farmhouse chic design. While attractive, these leave holes in your wall and might not fit your aesthetic forever, especially as design trends come and go.

Instead, you can make your own wall decals that say exactly what you want! More cost-effective and less obstructive than a wooden sign, you can also swap these out as your preferences change.

For instance, you can add a special meal-themed sentiment above your kitchen sink. Or, stick a decal with a peaceful phrase in your bathroom or laundry room.

Do you have a special family motto that you repeat to each other or a certain phrase that brings you joy? Display it tastefully in the living room for all your visitors to see, or add it above a door to greet them as they enter and leave. You can even enlarge your favorite family portraits into custom decals, putting a gorgeous and unexpected spin on the traditional gallery wall!

Personalize with Style and Class

Another design trend is monogramming or personalizing almost everything in your home! From drink tumblers to pillowcases, you'll be hard-pressed to find a household item that someone hasn't added a name to.

You could pay hundreds of dollars or more to have an artist hand-paint your family names within your home. For instance, you might want a monogram above your baby's crib or in your master bedroom. Yet, you can get the same effect for much less with a custom wall decal!

When you design your graphic, you have free reign. You can add any sort of name, letters, graphics or font you want. Then, we'll turn it into an easy-to-apply sticker that will add instant personality to any room.

Transform a Commercial Space in Minutes

There's no denying that corporate offices can be bland. Still, that's where most of the important business decisions and partnerships often take place.

Want to make an impressive impact at your next client meeting?

While you can't exactly paint your customers' logos beside your projector or whiteboard, you can turn those logos into custom decals. Then, you can display the most high-profile ones on a wall in your lobby or conference room.

This is an ideal way to highlight your clients and show you appreciate them. It also makes for a great photo opportunity and ice breaker! In addition to logos, you can also add the names of special dignitaries. For instance, non-profits can recognize their top donors on a wall near their front entrance, easily swapping them out and adding new ones as necessary.

Shop Our Selection of Customized Wall Decals

You don't have to break the bank (or your back) to make a space feel and look special.

With customized wall decals, your only limit is your imagination! You can create any design you choose and place it anywhere you like. This is a quick and economical way to make a major impact for less.

Plus, because you aren't limited by out-of-the-box designs, you're free to exercise full creative control, making sure the design is exactly as you want it.

When you're ready to get started, we'll help you start your order today!

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Custom Rear Window Decal
Pete Rogers (Lexington, US)
This is your place for vinyl graphics!

Custom Vinyl Graphics is fantastic! This is not my first dealing with them so I can tell you the positive service is consistent. They helped me with my initial designs and the alterations when I needed another order. They kept me in the loop during the whole process. They reminded me to double check my sizing attuned to the adage “Measure twice, cut once.” Everything was checked with me for approve before going to the printer. What you approve is exactly what you receive. There is no guessing about what is in the package when you receive it. Their representatives are knowledgeable, polite and after dealing with me, have the patience of Mom Teresa. Pricing is comparable to other places I’ve dealt with, however, the quality of service and end result put Custom Vinyl Graphics to the top of my list. So much so, that I asked that they add their logo to my design so I can advertise for them.

Freedom Isn't Free Eagle Vinyl Graphic
James Garren (Virginia Beach, US)
Great Decal

Fit perfect and looks great, high quality product!

Awesome patriotic car vinyl decal for an amazing looking car!

Flame Rip Checkered Flag

The quality is good and easy to install but I got the wrong order. I ordered the gray flame and got the red flame instead. Other then that it’s good.

Thank you for your honest review. I wish you would have contacted us before you applied the decals... we could've sent you the grey ones. I apologize for the error.

Custom Rear Window Decal
David Anderson (Lincoln, US)
Wonderful Product

Great customer service! I received much assistance with my design. Only downside was shipping. A shipping tube verses the USPS carton would be a great improvement. Removing creases from the product because of shipping was troublesome. I am still quite happy with finished results.

Thank you for your review. The decal looks amazing!

College Team Custom Rear Window Decal
Angela Haynes (Douglas, US)
Very Unsatisfied

Terrible communication practices

To be fair, we sent you a total of 15 replies to your inquiries. Our communication with you was constant and timely. You just hoped that we had the ability to speak via phone. To be honest, I wish we were big enough of a company to offer that as well but we are a small family business. You are entitled to your opinion but we are proud of the product we produced for you.