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What Do Your Accessories Say About You? Finding the Perfect Laptop Skins Online

by Leanne Arnold on December 14, 2013  in Category_Custom Laptop Skins

When it comes to first impressions, you know the old saying, “actions speak louder than words,” but have you ever thought that your appearance speaks loudly as well? Whether it’s your glasses, your bag, your watch, your protective laptop skins, or your tie, people get their first feel for your personality from your appearance.

Psychologically speaking, the impression that your accessories make will be heavily based on the color that they are, as our brains are trained to perceive colors in a certain way. So whether you’re trying to get a job, sell a product to a client, or just show of your unique personality, take a moment to consider what your accessories say about you.

The Color Code

Psychologists have long been studying the effect that color has on our brains and the way we perceive things, and now they have produced guides to explain the connection between colors and our impressions about people. Understanding this color code can help you better understand yourself as well as better understand the persona you present to others.

The confidence colors—you probably already know that colors like red, black and white are all considered colors that display confidence, but each one has its own connotations. White’s classiness comes with a degree of sophistication and efficiency, but it can also feel cold and unapproachable. Black shares the same drawback, but it also displays a sense of glamour and power. Red displays confidence and assertiveness, but unlike black and white, it has a sense of warmth and passion that make it more friendly. If you find yourself wearing these colors, this may be how others perceive you.

The friendly colors—you may not be surprised that yellow is considered a friendly color as it is the color that we often associate with happiness. But did you know that purple and green are also considered friendly, empathetic colors? Green is calm and peaceful color that can tell people you have a calm and steadfast personality. Purple, as a cousin to red, displays a quiet confidence and authenticity, which makes people trust you for truthfulness. While associated with happiness and friendliness, yellow can also tell people that you are flighty and unpredictable, so be careful what you pair with your yellow accessories.

The intelligent colors—blue and grey share the qualities of logical and seriousness, but with different connotations. Wearing dark blue may cause people to assume that you are detail-oriented, precise, and careful, while wearing grey will make you seem more professional as well as more introverted. If you’re debating between the two colors, go with blue when you want people to see your energy and grey when you want people to see you as an independent worker.

The Style Code

Of course, it’s not just the color of your accessories that makes an impression; it’s also the style and design of your accessories. Are they bold and bright? Are they more subtle? Are they artistic or quirky? Your style of accessories can also play a large role in your image. Here’s what your style has been saying about you.

The Bold Prints—animal print, reptile skin, and leather textures are all bold patterns that say ambition and assertiveness to those who meet you. Leather-banded watches, leopard-printed heels, or snakeskin bags and laptop sleeves tell others that you know what you want and aren’t afraid to go get it. You are a confident and motivated individual.

The Sleek Designs—diamond or pearl earrings, wing-tipped shoes, gold and silver watches, a hard laptop cover, these accessories tell of someone who likes things to be functional, orderly and efficient. You are logical and calculating, never letting a moment slip past you. People see you as someone who will accomplish a task, but always with style and professionalism.

The Creative Style—geometric patterns, horn-rimmed glasses, dangling earrings, artistic laptop skins and one-of-a kind bags are the tell-tale sign of a person who embraces their unique and seeks out the unusual. These are the type of people who think outside the box in their fashion and in their lives. People will expect you to be the creative brains behind a plan and to veto any boring or cliché ideas.

The Accessory Guide

So now that you know what messages your accessories can communicate, you have to find and pick accessories that will send the right one. There are many accessories that you can add to your wardrobe and persona: pick one or pick many, just be sure they are all matching the message you want to send. Here are just a few you select:

Watches—These accessories are both practical and stylish: pick a band that fits with the persona that you want to communicate. Whether you are male or female, simply wearing a watch gives an impression of class and professionalism. You can use the band and design to match your personality. Check out the watches at mentioned at wearyourlifestyle.com to see a few unique choices.

Glasses—For many, glasses are a necessity, but don’t let that stop you from using them to dress up your wardrobe. When picking your frames, choose something in a color and style that matches with your daily life. Your glasses will be your most daily accessory, so let your personality show through them. And if you don’t need glasses, there are plenty of fashion frames that are a great addition to your look.

Laptop Skins—You may not think of your laptop when you think of accessories, but you should definitely include your laptop in your considerations. Your laptop is one of your most used and most visible accessories at work. By dressing up your laptop with a laptop skin, you not only protect your laptop, you help yourself stand out and gain positive attention. You can create your own unique laptop skin online to match with your style. Additionally, if you own a business or are selling a product, using your logo can create the best laptop skin for making your laptop into a subtle and professional advertisement for your company, whether you are working with a client or simply working at your local coffee shop. Don’t waste using the blank canvas of your laptop as an opportunity to create positive impressions about yourself or your business. No matter what your profession is or what your personality is like, know what your appearance says about you and use your accessories to send the message that you want people to hear.