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Cool Ways to Customize Your Car on A Budget

by Leanne Arnold on February 08, 2014  in Category_Custom Rear Window GraphicsCategory_Vinyl Pinstriping

The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your car. Even if you are working within a budget there are plenty of options available to add a unique flare to the car that you love. Each customization you make will give your car more character and send a message to everyone else on the road. Here are just a few cool ways to customize your car on a budget.

Neon LED Lights

Nothing makes your car stand out in the evening quite like neon lights. These LED lights are inexpensive but pack a serious punch, coming in a wide range of colors that create an underbody glow for your car. In addition to looking great, these glowing lights also have practical use as well, making your car much more visible at night to pedestrians and other drivers.


Rear Window Graphics

Your rear window is a canvas that will be frequently seen whether your car is on the road, parked in a parking lot or parked in your driveway. With thousands of potential ready-made designs to choose from, finding a rear window graphic that represents you and your personality or interests should be an easy and fun process. In fact, you can even have a custom rear window graphic made to make your graphic truly one of a kind.


Tires and Rims

Upgrades to tires and rims can range heavily in price depending on what style you are going for, but it doesn't take the most expensive products out there to make a big difference on your car. Something as simple as changing in your tires for bigger ones or off-road ones can add a completely new dimension to your vehicle. Rims of all types and styles can be found in just about every price range, giving you affordable options for drawing attention to your wheels.


Pinstriping is one of the absolute best options for people looking for cool ways to customize their car on a budget. Easy to buy and apply, pinstripes come in various styles and colors from something as simple as a 1/16” single color vinyl stripe to an elaborate tri-color or specialty design stripe. Once you have found the pinstriping tape that is right for your vehicle it is fast and easy to apply on your own.


Car Seat Covers

Moving to the interior of the car, car seat covers are a fast and easy way to improve the look of a drab interior. A subtle change to the seat color such as a solid color that blends well with the exterior can be a great addition to the vehicle. But subtlety isn't for everyone, and a wide range of zany colors and unique designs are also out there to make your car especially unique.


Steering Wheel Covers

Falling into the same category as car seat covers, steering wheel covers can be found in all kinds of different materials and colors to give you the desired look that you are searching for. From an elegant leather look to a fuzzy bright red, your steering wheel can make a statement of its own.

Window Tints

Window tinting is another one of those customizations that not only looks cool but also serves a practical use in keeping the interior of your car cooler and protecting you from harmful UV rays. You don't have to bring your car in to a professional to have it tinted as kits are widely available for you to do it yourself on a budget. Be sure to go over the laws in your state on window tinting to make sure that you are in compliance before adding them.