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How Local Print Advertising Compares to Custom Decals for Truck Windows

rear window of truck in traffic

You’ve heard the pitch from your local newspaper, Pennysaver or Clipper magazine. You need to get your name in front of your local audience and they need to see your ad multiple times to achieve brand recognition and trust.

But that can be expensive.

And if you’re a small business like we are, your pockets may not be that deep.
Although the sales pitch is correct in that potential new customers must see your ad multiple times in order to recognize your brand. Unfortunately, the majority of those papers and magazines go unopened and straight into the trash.

Your money is literally going down the drain.

But there is a better way…

Have you ever seen a guy on the side of the road standing there with a “Huge Sale!” sign? Or what about the sidewalk sign in front of a store?

There’s a reason those types of advertising work. They are super inexpensive and therefore, profitable.

What if you don’t have a storefront, or a willing teenager to hold a sign?

Well, we have a better solution.

Custom decals for truck windows.

Custom decals are like mobile billboards precisely in your target market. They advertise where ever you go… even while you’re parked at Frank’s Deli.

But better yet, this type of advertising makes your business look more professional.

Think about it.

All things considered, who would you hire… the guy who pulls up in a truck with a crooked magnet slapped on his door, or the lady who pulls up with a professionally designed decal on the rear window of her vehicle?

Who’s more committed?

Who do you trust more?

It’s the same reason businesses have their people wear uniforms, custom T-shirts, or name badges.

Not convinced?

I have an idea.

Go to your local coffee shop and hold your business card in front of a random person’s face for a few minutes. (Do this at your own risk.)

Not willing? I understand.

The safer choice, is to display your business info on your rear window – literally doing the same thing - forcing every driver behind you to look at your business card for as long as he or she stays behind you. (And staying much safer at the same time.)

Need to stop for donuts?

Pick a parking spot with the best exposure. Heck you can consider that coffee a business expense since you’re technically advertising. (Just joking IRS!)

Say you’re an electrician or a tile company doing work on a residential block.

You might think someone down the road would see you and ask their neighbor for your info. But let’s face it – if your vehicle doesn’t have your info on it, they may think you’re there for coffee.

Parking your truck on their block with your info on the rear window gets your name out there and prompts this conversation…

“Hey I saw you had XYZ Construction at your house. We’re thinking of adding a small extension. How did you like them? Did they do good work? Would you recommend them?”

And there you have it. That customer just gave your sales pitch.

Because nothing, and I mean nothing, gets better than a referral…

For less than $200 for a truck window decal, you got your phone to ring! And the person calling, is already sold.

The question is… Are you?