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Your Image Constantly Changes… So Should Your Vehicle’s Decal

by Leanne Arnold on March 01, 2014  in Category_Custom Rear Window GraphicsCategory_Vehicle Graphics

Vintage, retro, modern, skinny jeans, faded, distressed, dark wash, broad, narrow, slim fit, flats, wedges, boots: as you read these, you may think of all the different fashion trends that have swept through your closest.

Every year, it seems like our closest morphs and our personal style changes, and in all reality, it should. What we wear and how we present ourselves is an expression of who we are and what we like. And as dynamic, growing, and changing people, our appearances shift to reflect who we are.

Along with your wardrobe, your hairstyle is a perfect example of how your appearance shows who you are becoming. At one point, you may have had a mullet or maybe you died your hair pink when you wanted to make a statement. Now your hair may be business professional as you’ve grown up and become more responsible. 

Your appearance is not the only thing that adapts as you change. You alter the backdrop on your computer or the image on your phone screen frequently to fit your moods. You update your profile and cover pictures on your social media to show off a different look or aspect of your life. You even rearrange your furniture or change your artwork to add some variety to your living spaces.

Our dynamic lives are filled with variety and change, but for many of us, one of our most defining belongings is the one that we change the most infrequently: our cars. What people drive often says a great deal about who they are: you may be active and outdoorsy if you drive a Jeep or a Subaru, or maybe you are elegant in your Porsche, power-hungry in your Mustang, daring in your Suzuki, or you are practical in your Toyota.

But many people cannot afford to pick a car that perfectly matches their personality, nor can most people afford to change their cars as often as their taste and personality changes. Still, there are ways to express your personality through your car besides its make and model.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to transform your car to match your personality is through vinyl decals. Vehicle decals are easy and inexpensive to customize to your interests, so you can easily add an image to your car that is unique and true to you.

You can have the logo of your favorite sports team, an image of a small child kicking a soccer ball, or a graphic image that you personally designed: there’s no limit to your creativity or expression.  There are those who add some variety to their cars with a new paint job, but a paint job is a very expensive and permanent change. Instead, vinyl decals are easy to place and easy to remove, so as you adopt new fashions and interests in the next year, you can adapt your car to those as well.

Don’t let your car get you stuck in a rut. Let your personality shine through some interesting vinyl decals, and next year, you can keep it interesting and keep it real with some fresh, new, exciting decals on your same reliable car. After all, you aren’t wearing the same jacket you wore three ages, why should your car sport the same decal?