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Car decals & car graphics; hundreds to choose from!

by Leanne Arnold on April 25, 2010  in Category_Vehicle Graphics

With so many car graphics to choose from, how can you decide on just one?

First we recommend that you measure the area that you would like to cover on your car. This will narrow down the size that you need and help you when searching.

Second, think of the colors that you want to use. Do you want to do something subtle or shocking? Perhaps you have a silver car and want to add some charcoal grey. This will be more muted of a look than if you have a white car and want an orange decal.

Third, decide on a style you like. Do you like simple pinstriping or bold tribal designs for your car decal?

Finally, don't worry about resale value when you choose your graphic. They are so easy to remove that when it comes time to sell your car, you can just peel it off if the new customer doesn't like it. And rest assured that the new vinyl no longer leaves the haze that the old vinyl graphics once did! Vinyl has come a long way!

At CustomVinylGraphics.com, we offer subcategories to help you while you are searching. Some of them include: flames, tribal, patriotic, checkered flags and more.