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Car Branding

Many of America's top companies spend billions of dollars on advertising each year. That massive number continues to creep upwards annually.
As a small business owner, you won't be spending anywhere near that much to get your brand out there. Still, your advertising trends likely follow a similar trajectory to that of big businesses when it comes to needing to up your spending in order to stay competitive in your market. Our advice to you is to break that trajectory. You don't have to spend big on marketing to get big results. That point is proven in spades when you look at car branding. Below, we outline some of the biggest benefits that advertising on your vehicle can bring to your company, today.

1. An Incredible Volume of Impressions

Studies have shown that a vehicle can be seen by roughly 3,000 customers per hour. In order to replicate those results via a digital marketing medium, you'd need to spend hundreds of dollars if not more. What's even more impressive is that the longer your commute is, the higher you can drive up your number of daily impressions. That means that long, costly car rides could literally pay for themselves by placing a branding element on your car.

2. Car Branding Impressions are Targeted

As a local business owner, you don't just want impressions. You want targeted impressions. After all, what good is somebody who lives in another state seeing your Facebook ads when they can't reasonably walk into your store? That's a big reason why we love car branding so much. When you drive and park your car in your business' vicinity, everyone that sees your branding is a person that could potentially become a patron.

3. Car Branding is Extremely Cost Effective

If you were to take out a billboard in your area, you'd have to pay thousands of dollars to display your advertisement for a set period of time. In comparison, car branding allows you to put a graphic on your vehicle and then advertise indefinitely at a one-time, ultra-low cost. Considering how cheap purchasing quality vehicles graphics can be, the return you'll get on your investment will far outpace investing in just about any other advertising medium that we can think of.

4. Potential Tax Write-Off

If you find yourself paying too much come tax time, advertising on your vehicle may be able to reduce your tax burden. While you'll need to talk to your accounting professional about this possibility, in many cases, vehicle branding can trigger write-offs for portions of your monthly vehicle expenses. That write-off by itself could be well worth placing advertisements on your car.

Wrapping Up Benefits of Using Affordable Car Branding to Advertise Locally

Between the number of impressions you'll get, the quality of those impressions and the potential for tax write-offs, using car branding for many business owners is likely to be a no-brainer. If you're interested in getting started with advertising on your car, our team at Custom Vinyl Graphics can help. We offer a variety of pre-fabricated and customized rear window graphics as well as other branding elements that can skyrocket your business' local presence. Browse our inventory today and let us know if you have any questions!