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Boat Pinstriping Tape – Great for Attracting Attention on the Water!

by Leanne Arnold on July 26, 2018  in Category_Blog ArticlesCategory_Vinyl Pinstriping
Boat Pinstriping Tape – Great for Attracting Attention on the Water!

Boat pinstriping is a great way to make your marine vessel stand out from the crowd, and create eye-catching, detailed visual designs. Whether you’re a professional, using your boat for tours, fishing, or marine life observation, or you’re just a recreational boat owner, boat pinstriping tape can have a huge number of benefits for you.

In this article, we’ll explore just a few of the benefits that pinstriping tape has, both for your business and for your personal life.

1. Gives You an Outlet for Your Creativity One of the best things about vinyl pinstriping tape for boats is how versatile it is, and how many different ways in which it can be used. From simple “pinstripes” and other basic designs, to more elaborate custom graphics and boat names, the opportunities are endless. With just a few rolls of pinstriping tape, you can unleash your creativity, and begin creating beautiful, unique designs!

2. Can Easily Be Removed and Changed Vinyl pinstriping tape is easy to remove if you decide that you don’t want it on your boat anymore, or that you’d like to change the design. Just use a heat gun or a hair dryer to heat up the tape, and remove it from the boat. It leaves behind minimal residue, which can be cleaned with adhesive remover sprays. It’s just that easy!

3. Doesn’t Affect Your Paint or Gelcoat Because vinyl pinstriping uses high-quality adhesive that’s gentle and not full of harsh chemicals, it can be used on boats of all types without affecting the paint or damaging it in any way. You don’t have to worry about ruining your expensive paint or gelcoat, or harming the finish of your boat in any way – so you can decorate your vessel with confidence.

4. Adds Visual Interest to Your Boat and Brings In More Customers If you run a business from your boat, or you’d simply like to promote your own business while boating, doing so is a great idea. Your boat is a giant, floating billboard – and it’s smart to use it! By putting information about your business onto your boat, and decorating it with bold, bright pinstripes, you can attract attention wherever you are. Whether you’re towing your boat, lowering it into the water, storing it in dry-dock or at the marina, or even just leaving it in your driveway, you’ll be able to attract more people to your business.

5. Seasonal Decorations for Your Boat Can Attract Attention You can promote your business by using seasonal decorations on your boat. Fourth of July coming up? Time for some red, white and blue stripes! Ready for the autumn? Decorate your boat with black and orange stripes for Halloween! Football season? Purchase your favorite team’s colors, and deck your vessel out in custom pinstripes!

No matter the season, you can use boat pinstriping to attract more attention – and customers. Put Pinstripes On Your Boat Today – Enjoy These Benefits! If you’re interested in these 5 benefits – and more – visit Custom Vinyl Graphics now, and add pinstripes to your boat today!