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Bloody Awesome rear window graphic; a testimonial

by Leanne Arnold on December 17, 2010  in Category_Blog Articles

Hi to all at Custom Vinyl Graphics I am from Australia- a place called Yarragundry near Wagga Wagga in New South Wales. I recently purchased the Window Canvas Lone Ranger Rear Window Graphic as a Christmas Present to my husband to put on our 1984 4X4 F350. I have never seen this type of graphic fitted to vehicles and was unsure of what it would look like, but they looked good on your website so I thought that I would place the order.

We had the graphic installed yesterday by a professional window tinting company and as you can see from the attached photos, it looks ‘bloody awesome’ on the back of our truck and has attracted so much attention and everyone wants to know where we got it from. So thank you for a great customer service experience and the fact that the graphic was everything that your website said it was.

Regards Leonie from ‘Down Under’