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Applying Vinyl Decals

by Leanne Arnold on January 22, 2019  in Category_Blog ArticlesCategory_How To...

Mustangs are among the most popular cars in the US and are picking up some serious traction abroad in markets like China. Given the car's popularity, chances are you have a couple of people living in your neighborhood with a Mustang very similar to yours.


applying decals

We get it, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Still, if you're like us, you want your Mustang to feel like more than just another car on the block. Therein lies the value of decals! Applying decals to your car is an easy way to give its exterior a punch of personality that will get people's heads turning. If you're considering adding a decal to your Mustang, below, we have some tips on how to make sure your decal is applied to your car without any trouble.


1. Clean Your Car's Surface

This applying decals step might seem obvious but you'd be shocked by how many people skip it. If you put a decal over a dirty surface, it's not going to stick as well as it typically would and it may look bumpy in sections. Avoid that fate by applying some soapy water to the decal area and washing it until it gleams!


2. Tape Your Decal at the Top of Where You Want It to Go

Once the area of your Mustang that you're planning on putting your decal is clean, take your decal and tape it at its top so it's "floating" where you're going to adhere it. Take a few steps back and make sure you like the way it looks. You can make adjustments where necessary.


3. Peel the Decal's Back Paper and Apply with Light Pressure

Now for the moment of truth... Start to peel your decal's backing paper and lightly press it into place. Using light pressure during this step is key because you should still be able to make adjustments to your decal so long as it hasn't been fully pressed onto your Mustang's surface.


4. Finalize Your Application

After finessing your decal into place, take a step back again and ensure you like it's positioning. If you do, start pressing it on firmly. You may notice some air bubbles during this step. Take a credit card and gently massage them towards your decal's edge. Once the application of your patriotic, business or just plain fun decal looks perfect, squeegee over it to solidify its grip!


Wrapping Up Your Guide to Applying Decals on a Mustang

Applying decals to a Mustang isn't unlike applying decals anywhere. By following our steps above, you should have no problem ensuring that your decal application process goes off without a hitch! In order to put decals on your Mustang, you're going to have to find an awesome place to buy decals from first. Our team has you covered on that front. At Custom Vinyl Graphics, we have thousands of decals and other vehicle customization tools you can use to give your car that edge you're looking for. Browse our car decals or Mustang decals today or feel free to contact our team of support specialists with any questions you may have!