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Angry Birds custom wall decals for kids rooms!

by Leanne Arnold on August 25, 2012  in Category_Customer TestimonialsCategory_Wall Decals

Custom wall decals can add a truly unique touch to your interior design and to your interior decorating. A good custom wall decal will truly make a room stand out and make for an interesting space. Custom wall decals are perfect for kids rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms and more.

Depending on the type of décor that you’re going for or if you have a specific decorating idea in mind, these decals can be used to make excellent accents in rooms throughout your home. If you have any design that you would like to easily put up in your home the custom wall decals can be made into just about any shape or format. You can combine any number of views to form excellent murals within your home or simply to add a touch of color to the room.

Rather than hang posters or wall art, decals can be used in order to form a large art scene on any wall. Forming them together will help you to create a large mural or also help you to showcase your interests in any room.

These are so great for kids rooms because they can give children a unique style. Adding cartoon characters such as Angry Birds in a child’s room will make their room stand out and be 100% unique in comparison to their friends rooms. Having a child’s room that’s fun and unique will make for a better area for them to grow up in, develop and play in.

Stimulating children in the early stages of their life will help to encourage learning later on. Also by allowing children to express themselves with custom wall art will help to build their confidence later on in life and help them to have a room that they can be truly proud of. Recently we worked on a room with custom wall graphics of angry birds for one of our customers.

The Angry Birds and Angry Birds logo were placed in this child’s room and made for an excellent scene and created wall art that was one-of-a-kind. Angry birds is certainly growing in popularity being one of the most famous indie games of all time. Showing your Angry Birds pride inside your room is a great way to use the one-of-a-kind artwork from the game and bring it into your everyday life.

Cris from New Jersey was absolutely ecstatic with the work that we did creating angry birds wall art for her children’s room. “The kids just love having Angry Birds on their walls. It’s absolutely their favorite game and they get a real kick out of waking up to their favorite characters every day. Their friends think they have the coolest room around!”

You too can get these kind of excellent design ideas and create a truly unique space within your home. If you have art or design that you’re passionate about consider using custom wall decals to bring these creations to life. With a much more vibrant look than wallpaper and a much simpler application process, you can combine any number of custom wall decals to create your perfect scene and make your room unique.