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The Top Reasons Why People Regret Tattoos and the Best Alternative “Canvases”

by Leanne Arnold on November 27, 2013  in Category_Rear Window GraphicsCategory_Wall Decals

Have you been considering getting a tattoo? Maybe you were thinking about an emblem on your wrist, across your bicep, or on your lower back? Whatever image you may have been thinking about getting inked on your body, recent statistics about tattoo regret say that you may just want to stop and think again. Recent studies that polled tattoo bearers found that one third of them wished they had never gotten their tattoo. The reasons vary from person to person, but regardless, those with tattoos often regret their decisions.

However, only about half of those tattoo wearers will pursue getting their tattoos removed as the removal options come with their own problems and a high price tag. Before jumping into a permanent decision, try getting your custom image printed on vinyl by professionals like CustomVinylGraphics. Try out the image on your wall, laptop, or truck: testing out your image in advance may prevent you from joining the one third of tattoo wears who are regretting their tattoos.

A Permanent Image for a Temporary Feeling

One of the top three reasons that people regret getting their tattoos is because they got a person’s name inked on their body. Whether a boyfriend or girlfriend, their feelings for that person may have been strong at the moment, but a breakup may have occurred and those feelings have passed. Still, you’re left with a constant reminder of the person on your arm.

Celebrity Johnny Depp made this same mistake while dating Winona Ryder by getting “Winona Forever” tattooed on his shoulder. After breaking up with her a short time later, Johnny Depp had the tattoo altered to say “Wino Forever” to try to remove the evidence of their relationship. Instead of making this mistake with your significant other, suggest intertwining your names on the walls of your residence with vinyl wall decals. If you break up, you can simply strip the decals off. Much easier than trying to get a tattoo removed, right?

A Less Than Satisfactory Image

Sometimes you go in to get your haircut and you walk out of the salon hating your new look. Still, you know it will grow back eventually. The same thing can happen to people as they walk out of the tattoo parlor, but this time, it’s there to stay. Another of the three top reasons that people regret their tattoo is because they don’t like the way it looks. Maybe the image looked cooler in their head or the tattoo artist couldn’t quite capture what they were looking for, but either way, the tattoo-wearer is now bearing a less-than-perfect image for the rest of their life.

Actress Hayden Panettiere—rather ironically—regretted her tattoo after her desired phrase, “Vivere senza rimpianti” (meaning “live without regrets”), was spelled incorrectly on her side. Before getting a tattoo, try a laptop skin made with your custom image. Every time you use your computer, you and those around you will be able to evaluate whether it’s an image worth being on your body forever.

A Brief Moment of Stupidity

Not surprisingly, the final of the top three reasons people regret their tattoos is simply because “they are stupid.” The average age that most people get their first tattoo is between eighteen and twenty-five, a time during which decisions are often rash and personalities are still developing. Whether it was an impulsive decision or they were following the trend, many regret their ink because, as trends changed or they matured, the image became meaningless.

Wearers of the lower back tattoo have experienced this exact problem. For several years, the most popular tattoo fad for women was to have an intricate design placed across the lower back. It was fashionable and sexy. However, when other types became popular, wearers of the tattoo soon regretted their decision as the fad passed away. Instead of trying out an ever-changing fashion trend with a permanent tattoo, follow the fashion with intricate designs on your truck or car. CustomVinylGraphics makes easy-to-apply—and easy-to-remove—graphics that are perfect for this purpose. Using auto vinyl graphics, you can change your image as often as needed to keep up with the trendiest crazes.

No matter what your reason is for getting a tattoo, take your time in making your decision. Speak to your dermatologist, talk to other tattoo wearers, research clean and professional tattoo parlors, and try out your image before you have it inked on yourself. If you can’t look at that image on your wall, car, or laptop every day without getting sick of it, then you won’t want it on your body forever.