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Inexpensive Advertising Solutions for Your Business

As a small business owner, you may have a hard time finding affordable ways to promote your business. Advertising can run you quite a pretty penny, but if you run a business, you need customers. To make money you need to promote, but to promote you need money. So, how do you find new customers with a small budget?

small business advertising ideas

Advertising with Your Vehicle

One of the most cost effective ways to advertise or promote your business is to use your vehicle as an advertising tool. Imagine your business card enlarged and covering the rear window of your truck. 

Custom Rear Window Graphics are perforated decals that cover your rear window and allow you to still see out the window.  Most people include their business logo and contact information. These decal are long-lasting and grabs attention. Your rear window is a place that gets lots of traffic (literally and figuratively). You can guarantee that on any given day, your advertisement will be seen by at least 200 people.

To further increase your exposure, consider asking a friend or family member if they would be willing to use their vehicle to do advertising for you. You can double, triple or quadruple your reach and even expand into different areas.

Important note: A flashy advertisement may get a lot of attention but keep in mind that you need to highlight important information like your company name, your telephone number, social media handles (if you have any), and what you sell.  All of this must be legible in order to make the most of your ad.

Other Ways to Advertise Using Your Vehicle

In addition to custom rear window graphics, there are other ways to use your vehicle to advertise your business:

  1. Die-cut vinyl lettering
  2. Removable vehicle magnets
  3. Vehicle wraps

Die-Cut Vinyl Lettering is the least expensive option.  You can do something as simple as a one color name/address on your truck doors, or spend a little more to perhaps add lettering to the entire sides and the rear of your truck. 

Vehicle Magnets are a little more subtle and they are easier to remove. Usually, these go on the side of the car. They will get you visibility, but not as much as rear window graphics. Drivers tend to be focused on what is in front of them so there will be less visibility with vehicle magnets as opposed to rear window graphics.

Vehicle Wraps can be done as full or partial wraps.  Full wraps are the most expensive and must be installed by a professional - they cover every inch of your vehicle with photos and information.  Partial wraps are the best value if you vehicle is in good condition and you are fine with the color.  Adding strategically placed large images and logos, along with die cut lettering, can have the same impact, yet can cost only a fraction of the price.

Advertising at Your Place of Business

Your business’ physical location can and should also be used as advertising space. Any blank space that will be seen by people passing by can be used to advertise to new customers and to cross promote to your existing customers.

Your storefront is ‘prime real estate’. Having your business name, logo and contact details on the front of your store is great for advertising and it is super attractive. Plus, it makes you look professional. You can place your business information and the catchy artwork that you wish to use anywhere on your storefront or your windows. Once there is a space that is readily seen by people who are passing, you can use it.

And don’t forget INDOOR advertising.  Custom Wall Decals can let customers know about other products & services you offer and/or promotions that you may have going on.  Nothing looks quite as impressive as your business logo proudly displayed in your lobby.

Yes, You Can Advertise Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

Maybe you’ve never heard of custom rear window graphics or car decals before so you're a little skeptical. You may know of other small business owners who have advertised their businesses differently and boast about significant results and benefits.  But here’s the thing, advertising is not one size fits all. It’s a personal experience and you need to make a profit. What works for somebody else may not work for you.  Start small using your vehicles and storefronts and you can always move up to TV ads when your business takes off.

To find inexpensive & EFFECTIVE advertising solutions to meet your needs, visit CustomVinylGraphics.com today. We have all that you need to get your business out there on a budget.