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Perforated Window Graphics

by Leanne Arnold on December 08, 2018  in Category_Blog Articles

You're driving down the road and you can't help but think that your car window is definitely missing something. It needs a splash.

perforated window graphics

Or maybe you're sick of people staring in your car as you drive and you want a bit of privacy. Either way, you're trying to decide between perforated window graphics and window tint. Here are three reasons why perforated graphics are obviously the better choice for your vehicle, whether you're looking to advertise your business or get a bit of sun coverage when you're on the road.


1. Tint May Not Give the Coverage You Want

If your goal is a privacy screen, tinted windows may not offer you the level of privacy you want. For law enforcement and safety reasons, there are strict limits on how much window tinting you can have and what windows it applies to. In New York, for example, drivers are not allowed to have a windshield or front side windows that are dark. This also applies to the rear window, unless the car has outside rearview mirrors on both sides. Either way, you have to be able to see the road when driving, both in front of you and behind you. In addition, your tinting cannot block more than 30% of the light coming into your vehicle.


2. You Don't Need to Remove Graphics

Did you know that tinting has to be removed after a certain date? After a while, tinting has to be replaced to retain UV protectiveness, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Hot and cold eventually makes the film separate from the glass and wears out the UV protection element. Perforated window graphics are like a one-way window -- they allow you to see out without other people seeing in, making them a perfect privacy tool.


3. Free Advertising!

Plus, perforated graphics have a major advantage over tinting: they give you a chance for free advertising for your business! Since perforated window graphics only allow you to see through one side, they're the perfect tool for signage in a window (without customers awkwardly peeping at you). And since you can see out either way, it's easy to get creative with your window decals. Maybe you want a camouflage decal or a military decal, or maybe you want a custom decal that's perfect for advertising your business any time you hit the road. Regardless of what you're after, perforated window graphics offer you far more flexibility than tinting.


Need Perforated Window Graphics?

So, are you sold on perforated window graphics? You should be! There's so much more that perforated graphics can offer to your car, whether you want to make a statement about what you believe in, look cool driving down the street, advertise your business, or just get a bit of privacy. And if you're a bit of a decal addict, we can't blame you. They're pretty fun. Good news is, we've got tons of options for you to choose from, whether it's a car decal, a wall decal, or something else entirely. If you're a returning customer, welcome back! Click here to log into your account.